Changing incorrectly named Tenant in M365 partner portal

We had a couple of incorrectly named tenants in our partner portal. The name was correct for everything on the tenant’s side, only wrong on the partner portal.

A helpful MS support agent sent me this which sorted it out.

    •    SymptomChange Customer display name on Partner Center portal

    •    Resolution

  • We informed you that the contract entity is made at the time of establishing the reseller relationship with your end customer.
  • This entity contracts have attributes like displayName, defaultDomainName etc. which is not automatically updated if the customer tenant’s attributes gets change.
  • However, using the graph explorer we made the changes in the display name of the customer in the partner center portal. This can also be used to make changes to the domain name present in the agreement. This contract entity can be accessed/modified using the graph API and below are the steps for future reference:
  1. Log into using your partner Global Admin credentials.
  2. Get the list of the Partner Contacts using the following REST Call mentioned in (a) else if you have high list of customers, you can make use of filters in the endpoint URL(b).
  1. GET
  2. GET$filter=startswith(defaultDomainName,'<new domain name>’)
  3. Copy the Object ID of the customer that you wanted to change the Company name/domain name
  4. Use the following REST call to update the attributes of the contract entity:
  1. PATCH<object-id-of-contract>?api-version=1.6
  2. Used the following JSON body as parameter:-


“displayName”:”New name”


  • Post following the steps, we were successfully able to change the display name of the customer on Partner Center portal